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Rhinoplasty Bizrah: Surgical Anatomy

A knowledge of the basic surgical anatomy is needed for the clarification of terminology and for an understanding of the surgical procedures described in subsequent chapters. (Figs. 4 – 1,2,3,4,) The surgeon should be familiar with the following primary anatomy and basic landmarks: – Bony vault:             – Paired nasal bones – Paired frontal process […]

Incisions are essential in order to approach, reach modify and correct the nasal structure in septorhinoplasty. The septorhinoplasty incisions have a special importance. The intercartilagenous incisions divide the attachment of lateral crus to the upper lateral cartilage and the transfixion incision divides the attachment of the medial crura to the caudal septum. This results in […]

Primary Manoeuvres – Dorsum undermining. – Division of upper lateral cartilages from septum. – Caudal trimming of upper lateral cartilages. – Conservative trimming of the caudal septum. Dorsum undermining: Following the intercartilagenous incision: Use a sharp scissors to identify the right plane of the caudal upper lateral cartilages. Next, use blunt scissors to proceed with […]

OSTEOTOMIESAims Mobilization and repositioning of the lateral nasal bones to achieve the desired satisfactory position. Prevention of open roof deformity. Types Medial Osteotomies. Lateral Osteotomies. Additional Osteotomies: This may be needed in crooked noses: Intermediate osteotomies. Transverse osteotomy. Techniques: We use the following techniques: Medial Osteotomies The instrument used is Masing’s single guarded osteotome: Right […]

History: Robert F. Weir first described alar reduction in 1892. He used an incision along the alar insertion curve. Then, Jack Joseph described his incision that transverses the nasal wall leaving a visible scar. Gustave Aufricht (a student of Joseph) in 1943, described what we use today, as a modified Weir excision. Aufricht stated that […]

Reduction of flaring rim: First Incision: The incision follows the natural creases with the alar insertion. It is generally 1.5cm or less, the incision starts laterally and ends with the rim meeting the floor. (Fig. 10 – 1 and Fig. 17 – 25) Second Incision: Made superior to the first incision, judging the amount of […]

Nasal augmentation and management of saddling remains the area of most challenge and controversy. In the early days, reduction was the major concern of the Joseph rhinoplasty. Recently, in the new concept of rhinoplasty, the reduction attitude has changed and the aim now is to achieve a strong, profound, defined and well oriented nose, The […]

Infections: The main enemy of grafting is infection. If it happens, the graft will be destroyed and revision may be required later. Therefore, aseptic technique and prophylactic antibiotics are vital. Absorption: Absorption of cartilage autografts are extremely rare in the tip and supratip region. In rare situations, absorption is noticed in autogenous cartilage covering the […]


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