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Rhinoplasty Bizrah: Operative Rhinoplasty Techniques

November 30, 2016 by basharbizrah0



Fig. 17 – 1. Septal graft set: (From left to right) Ballenger’s knife, blunt elevator, sharp elevator, 11-blade knife, nasal speculum.


Fig. 17 – 2. Hump reduction instruments: (From left to right) Aufricht’s retractor, mallet, twelve mm osteotome, dorsum scissors, Howarth’s elevator, coarse and smooth rasps.



Fig. 17 – 3. (A,C) : Coarse rasps are used on a larger hump or for initial hump removal on smaller humps. (B) A more delicate rasp is used for providing the finishing touches and for rasping smaller bony irregularities.


Fig. 17 – 4. Osteotomy Set: (From left to right) Mallet, right curve missing’s single guarded osteotome, left curve missing’s single guarded osteotome, two mm Cottle’s osteotome. The Curved Masing’s the two mm guarded osteotomes are use in medial osteotomies. The two mm Cottle’s osteotome is used in transfers, lateral and or intermediate osteotomies.



Fig. 17 – 5. Tip Plasty Instrument: (From left to right) Blunt double hook, sharp ended double hook, blunt scissors, sharp scissors, 11 – blade holder, single retractors.



Fig. 17 – 6. Bone Nippler: This is used for trimming of the overdeveloped nasal spine. Also used for creating a gap in the bony dorsum midline for correction of broad bony dorsum.


Fig. 17 – 7. Cartulage Crusher: This is used to soften the tip and dorsum grafts in order to avoid demarcation and sharp edges.



Fig. 17 – 8. Instruments for the reduction of the fractured nose. (A) Ash’s forceps maybe used to straighten the septum (B) Walsham’s forceps which is used for elevating the nasal bones.

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